Pastured Pork

Ordering a Whole Pig

So here’s how it works.  We aim to finish our hogs at around 250 pounds.  This gives us an average carcass (o hanging weight) of approximately 190 lbs.  This “hanging weight” is the weight you will charged on a per pound basis for and includes only the meat, fat, bones, and connective tissue.


Meat: At $3.39/lb. x 190 lb. the amount owed to Wallace Homestead would be $644
Butcher: At $0.55/lb. x 190 lb. + $50 slaughter fee the amount owed to Delaware Meats would be $154
Total Cost: $644 + 154 = $799*  
Total Cost Half: $399*
Our butcher, Delaware Meats, charges between $75 – $105 (depending on hanging weight) to process, which includes hanging, custom butchering, vacuum sealing and freezing.  This would be the price for a standard butchering package. Of course you may customize your butchering however you like and our butcher will be happy to accommodate.
We also use Hoffman's Meats but they are currently backed up to Mid-May.
*Certain processing requests are extra.  Please contact Delaware Meats for any specific requests.  Weights can vary by as much as 25-40 pounds on a whole hog.  Prices & processing costs shown are for example purposes only.  Purchase prices will be locked in upon receipt of your deposit, however, processing costs are subject to change.

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