Thursday, June 24, 2010

Meg's Babies

After 2 tries, our Mama Meg had her first litter on 6/20!!  She had a total of 13 kits, which is huge for a first litter.  Two didn't make it from the birth, and then we lost another 2 in the first day. Then another seemed to disappear, leaving 8.  These pictures were taken at 4 days old.  It amazes me how quickly they grow.  Already they are getting their first sheen of fur.

Boy cuddles one of our "missing" bunnies. 
After inspecting the box today, we discovered two missing.  One was quickly found just outside of the nest box. 
But where was the other one?
Looking around we found a little hollow under the cage in the droppings that was full of dropped fur, and amazingly enough not only was the missing kit in the hollow, but the other one that had been missing for a few days.
This one we call "Miracle".  It's a miracle he was still alive after being out of the box for a few days, and he still had his umbilical cord!!  We are hoping for a miracle that he stays with us after his rough start in life.

So as of today we have 9 live kits from this kindling.  7 white/pink and 2 gray

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