Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It was a BAD week!

I missed 6 days of work this month...which for me means that for February...the first day I worked was the 13th!!

It started with the big ice storm mentioned previously.  So...I couldn't get out of the yard on Feb 1-4. At the same time...Boy was sick January 25-28, then Man was sick Jan 30-Feb 3rd... Then on the 5th...Man & I's 18th anniversary..when I was sure I had dodged the bullet....I got sick.  Really.really.SICK!  UG. Then finally on the 9th, I made it out of the house and out to the doctor.

On Feb 11th..it was a really. REALLY. BAD. DAY!  First Boy was supposed to be having a sleepover with one of his best buddies..who's family now all had the flu.  We called another friend..he has strep throat and mom is sick also.  Finally managed to arrange a afternoon with another cherished friend after homeschool gym. ..then...after going to town to check the mail, we headed out to go to gym and ....I crashed my car.  Not bad...for the people.  The car slid on a sheet of ice going down a hill under the Interstate and the driver side wiped out a mailbox.  Mind you...when we stopped I was facing the wrong way on the road.  There was only a little dent near the top of the wheel.  So I set about heading for home...somewhat dazzed and trying to comfort Boy.  The car was acting totally weird.  The horn area of the steering wheel that should be horizonal when going straight was verical.  Then we hit more ice and the dumb car was all over the place.  We drove the 1.5 miles back home.  And asked Man to look.  He was such a rock and so sweet.  Didn't get mad or yell or anything.  Looked under the car and the rod that holds the tire out...was bent in half.  One wheel was going straight the other was turning the corner.  Boy was shook up...but more upset that we were going to miss gym and the promised play date. 

Man had us go down in the delivery van.  Through the crash, out of 12 dozen eggs waiting for delivery...only 3 eggs were broken.  So then, I called insurance and set up for the tow truck to come get the car.  SIGH.  Not great for the debt resolution.  We have a $500 deductible.  But yesterday, I picked up a rental car after another HORRID day. and went to work early (how's that for a bad day?)

FINALLY, I've decided that it wasn't that 2010 was a bad year. (It WAS) and now the yuckiness was leaking into 2011...it was that 39 was my bad year.  Today was my birthday.  I've shook the BAD off my shoes of the previous year and am going to make 40 the best year.  And yes, I said it out loud.


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Niki said...

Oh MY!!!!!
Such a scary thing - cars and ice.
Glad that you were both okay, but sorry to hear that you bent an axle; that's pricey.
i also embrace that 39 was just a bad year for you.
40 is gonna be GREAT!