Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Grain Mill Fun!

For my birthday...kinda...I was promised a grain mill so I could grind wheat into flour to make into bread.  ( I realize most people are thinking...when will she move into this century??  I also received a new (to me) computer for myself and the business so there is the "this" century gift.)

I thought we were going to hold off on the mill since I crashed the car and had a huge deductible to pay...but my sweet DH....well, he keeps track of things going on in the world and he thought it would be better to get it now and be
Fun stuff from Amazon!

WooHoo Wondermill!

Boy adding Hard Red Wheat Berries
Ta-Da  FLOUR!!

Bread is ready to bake...

Now to add some homemade jelly.. we have any jelly in this house ?!?

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