Thursday, April 21, 2011

Really...we aren't cat people....

So I'm driving home in the dark last night...going down our country road.  There was a car ahead of me and I see him swerve.  So I slow a bit down and then see what he was trying to avoid.  Two very small crawling things in the road.  VERY SMALL.  I missed them and then stopped.  Wrestled with myself...look into my feeble mind  "we are NOT cat people.  Boy and Man are very allergic to them...Man worse than Boy.  We do NOT need another mouth to feed.  But they are so small..and it's supposed to get down to 35* tonight...I can't believe someone would dump kittens on a country road...we do NOT need cats...well maybe one as a mouser in the barn might be one is taking cats...if they go to the pound....I could put them on Craigslist.  No Cats!! " Meanwhile Boy is sitting there "Mom, what are you doing?  Why are we just sitting here? Where are you going?  What's that?  Mom?!?  A cat!  Another cat!! Can I keep them??"

The black one is "Tom" and the Honey-colored one is "Molly".  We put them in a box in the chick brooder last night to keep them warm.  The box seemed to come up to the mesh, but this morning we found Molly..

Sleeping with the chicks!!

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Niki said...

Glad you saved them.
If they stay barn cats you shouldn't have allergy issues.