Monday, July 18, 2011

Life on the Farm

It's gotten really busy around here! I've been mentally blogging as I do other things, but dont' seem to get it actually down.  Geez, whoever can come up with a mind-to-type system has my $$

So it's over half way through the summer and what is happening.....

Today my boy is at sleep-away summer camp.  I'm praying he has found a friend.  His buddy that was supposed to go with him ended up staying at his grandfather's for over 3 weeks. His friend's"Pap" was involved in an accident and the family stayed with him and Grandma while Pap was in the hospital.  "Pap" is doing better, but it was a very serious accident and he has a long road to recovery.  Praying for them!

So, luckily for this overprotective mama, the camp is just past the corn field across the road.  We can hear the kids in the evening when they are singing in Chapel.  This is the same camp he went to last year, so things are at least familiar.  He'll be home on Wednesday.
We lost our beloved Arica last week.  We're not sure exactly what happened, but Arica and Buffy both started limping. I checked their feet, but couldn't find a sore or cut.  She was still eating, but couldn't get around very well.  She was staying in the yard near the "pond".  Well, something got her.  I found her feathers and distinctive beak yesterday...sigh.  Boy put Buffy in the moveable coop with the juvey birds to keep her safe.  He is not happy that we are planning on sending her and a few of the other older girls to "freezer camp." 

We have two broody chicken of which is sitting on TWENTY eggs! She made a nest in the middle of the overgrown asparagus. The other has about 5-8.  Then we have two ducks that have started setting eggs too.  I can't get to their nests, so I have no idea how many eggs they are on.  The funny thing about my Comet chicken sitting on the 20 eggs is that all the books say the Golden Comets are NOT broody birds.  Apparently she hasn't read any of the books :)

The garden is doing very well in the bean and zucchini department. The first crop of bean plants are almost done...maybe 2-3 more pickings, then we'll have to pull those plants out and put more in.  I've started another few rows already where my kidney bean experiment failed.  We have tons of green tomatoes.  It is supposed to get in the 90's this week so that will likely start the tomatoes turning.  We also have 5 of the cutest watermelons.  There is one Kohlirabi that I need to find out how to fix.  And we have harvested 3 acorn squash for the winter.  I'd leave them on longer, but the chickens like to get into the garden and that seems to be their favorite thing to eat.  Funny thing is we have a nest of guinea eggs in the middle of one of the cucumber trrellis squares.  Occasionally we find a chicken egg in there too!  The tomatillos are set. We have peppers of all kinds starting out...they seem to be taking longer this year.

My Man has started a new hobby that has really taken off!  It started with my Kefir.  (Which is still going very well).  It is "Lacto-Fermented".  He was reading Sally Fallon's book Nourishing Traditions and came up with a newer way to lacto-ferment food.  It's basically pickling things in salt brine, but instead of using crocks that take awhile and get a "scum" that you have to scrape off, he made a new lid that makes an airlock.  The CO2 and other gases come off the food, and bubbles out of the trap and oxygen can't get back in to spoil the food.  It takes about 3-5 days to ferment the food, and when it is done it is VERY good for you.  Because it is not heat processed, the good bacteria is not killed off.  So basically it is probiotic (like Activia!:) )

So far, we have pickled: Cucumbers (of course), a medley of veggies including cauliflower & radishes, zucchini sweet relish, beets, green beans, onions, eggs, and most recently KETCHUP!! Oh, and the mung beans that we have been sprouting...we did those and they turned out like a crisp sourkraut.  We had hotdogs yesterday...with home fermented ketchup and "SaurSprouts" and DELISH!!!
cucumbers, cucumbers & onions
So what is going to happen in August.....I am going to have 31 days of Lacto-Ferment recipes.  I will try them out, share the recipe, and tell you what I really think about the taste.  Tune in...tell your friends!  Some of the first recipes we are going to try are lacto-fermenting Pizza (at least the sauce) and Jelly! (of course)

We took his "creation", the lacto-ferment jars to the farmer's market on Saturday...and sold out!  Plus, we have become friends with another local lady who runs the only licenced cannery in Central Ohio.  She bough some before the farmer's market...and She sold out!  She bought 10 more that we need to get to her today because she is having a "pickling" class this evening and she wants to show both methods...and the Big City Newspaper will also be in attendance.

I also sold out of green beans, and half of my zucchini...and would you believe...I took the camera and forgot to take a single picture!!!  I was so mad at myself.  I took it specifically so I could blog and keep you in the loop. NUTS!  Well, I think we will do the market again this week, so I will take pictures.

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Niki said...

GREAT newsy post.
Z will be fine at camp.
Sorry about Arica.
Congrats to S about the invention.
Can't wait to see the recipes.
LOVE the pic of you surrounded by the flock.