Thursday, February 23, 2012

Off to our first Speech Meet

Yes...I, who flunked speech, has a boy that has joined the homeschool speech and debate group. It's mostly because he wants to wear a tie! Chuckle!

Today is our first meet. My boy looked so handsome...but being a bad mom...I took the camera and didn't take a single picture. I even thought of it on the way home, but we had to get right to chores when we got home, so straight into the work clothes. UG! I can't believe I missed it.

I didn't hear his speech as I was judging in another room. (Parents are not allowed to judge their own kids.) But he got at 28/40 and a 30/40. One thing that I LOVE is that someone else's mom is telling him essentially what I told him he should do to improve his speech. So, maybe by the next meet (3 weeks.) we'll be ready to go. It's not the same kind of speech that you would think of, he's not in front of a bunch of people. Just 2 judges and about 6 kids.

Auditions for the spring play are coming up in 2 weeks, and that's what he really wants to do. We're still debating it as school is going a bit slow. (But even though he is slow-ish at it, I think I've discovered that he is a perfectionist like his mom and if it isn't right he gets stuck into thinking it's not worth doing.) Why I think that is...he's getting mostly all A's. So....


Niki said...

I loved speech, but hated debate.
Can't wait to hear how it went.

Anonymous said...