Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lots of little things....

Today was a catch up kind of day.  Got lots of little nagging things done.

Milked X2
Made a batch of cheese.
Ground wheat
Made bread
Used the ham bone to make stock
Made bean soup
Put away laundry
Folded socks
Straightend up the living room
Worked on decluttering laundry room
Cleaned out catch all bag.
Cleaned off desk
Emptied Boy's school desk onto my desk
Cleaned off my desk...again
Filed bills
Filled out insurance paperwork
Got 3 rebates ready to mail.
Made chef salads for dinner
Planed wood with Boy for Man to use tomorrow.
Swept shop
Emptied 3 gallons of water from the dehumidifier in the pumphouse
Hauled water to chickens
Gave chickens whey!!
Fed & Watered all the animals
Made butter.
Bean soup into jars. (Quart for us, Quart for Dad-it was his hambone, and a Pint for my landlady who had surgery today)
Emptied dishwasher X2
Worked on packing a care package-will mail before 9/20
Read a (short) book
BLOGGED ! (well, kinda!)

Now it is 9 and I am beat...off to bed!
Love you!  Thank you for all your encouraging words!  they made ALL the difference. 

Oh, and here is a few pictures of my new daily "norm"  Yes, that is my son's Little Tykes chair from when he was 2!!


Niki said...

That chair BUSTS ME UP. It is hilarious next to your huge cow, but a bet that little bit of back support is a lot better for you than a stool.
Didn't it feel good to write down everything you did? When you see it in writing you realize how much you got done.
Well done!

Anonymous said...


ps - sent you an email - i have the whole back of my lil suv full of bags for y'all. i think you'll be able to find some clothes for him out of them. maybe some shoes too! if i don't hear from you by tomorrow i'll give you a ring! xoxo