Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Weldon updates!

Weldon is very weak and unable to stand.  He is not nursing nor is he able to suck on the bottle we have for him. 

Here I am on my faithful Little Tykes chair trying to milk out some colostrum from a cow that is laying on her udder.  Nothing like doing things the easy way, eh?

But Weldon is all cleaned up and BEAUTIFUL!!!

Finally, late this afternoon...I started feeding him with a turkey baster...(and got myself a new turkey baster!)
So we have something in him.  I spoke with the vet to let her know that we got our 10% calf!  She was so excited to be wrong.
Hopefully soon he will be strong enough to stand and start eating on his own. (We're pretty sure it's a boy, but since he's not standing, it's hard to tell for sure.)

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Anonymous said...

those turkey basters are great! hey, whatever it takes to help the little guy out! he is SO STINKIN CUTE! I hope mama is doing well now