Sunday, May 26, 2013

To dos....done (picture heavy)

My list is still long.....but working on it.

  • Get the tomatoes planted:
This picture is half way done...
when I was finished there were 150 tomato plants, caged.
  • Get the peppers planted.

  • Mow the thistles out of the pasture
(And somehow end up with head to toe poison ivy-check)
  • Find my Boy in the top of the pine tree!
  • Man helped with field mowing.
  • Burn the burn barrel.
  • Re-rototill the bean field
  • Re-rototill Boy's garden
  • Plow behind the chicken house for first time.
  • Finish mulching in back yard.

  • Fix dinner (shish-kabobs!)

  • And dessert (strawberry cheesecake pudding pie)
  • Barn Safari in our own backyard.


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Niki said...

Exhausted just reading this post.