Monday, October 28, 2013

Baby Guineas and Baby Chicks...

It's been about a month ago....blush....but I got a boxful of guinea keets in the mail.  Now I have stories about my dear guineas....some real some my imagination.

A few years ago I got guineas...they are not the hardiest creatures.  Or the smartest.  Or the quietest.  But they are essential on the farm for the tick population.  Out of the 15 I got back then...6 survived for a while...and then there were two...And those two lasted for quite some time....but then Girl Guinea decided to sit on a nest WAAAAYYY far away from the coop.  And Boy Guinea (called Guinea-Guinea) would go out and check on her.  Then one day, the nest was empty of eggs and the girl.  She decided to spend a bit of time with Coyote.  
Have I ever mentioned we have a pack of coyotes around here?

Well, anyway, everyday Guinea-Guinea called to his mate:
"You-here? You-here? You here?" 
Alas, no response.

Finally, one day we didn't hear Guinea-Guinea calling for his mate.  We figured he was gone for good.  But then two weeks later, he came back.....
And then, gone again.  Now he's been gone over a month, so we are pretty sure he went to Coyote, ""cuse, me, 'yote?  Have you seen my mate?"

"Why yes, I have.....Would you like me to take you to her?"
"Yes, indeed, please."
And Guinea-Guinea and his mate are together the Coyote's tummy.


Anyhoo...good to know my luck with guinea birds is still about the same.
I received a box with 15 guinea day olds.  6 Dead on Arrival.  This is not good.
6 more died within 12 hours.  Then 1 more within the first 48 hours.  2 survived for about a week.  Then we lost another, and the last one looked like it was going to go too.  I brought it inside and kept it in a shoebox with a heating pad. 

The same day the guineas came, I needed to pick up some chick feed (as Bess had ate all the chick feed as her last meal :( ) And Rural King was trying something new and had Road Island Red Pullets (Females) and Cornish Cross Meat Chickens (day old). 

Some women impulse buy shoes.  Others hand bags.
Me? I impulse buy live farm animals.

So 2 RIR's and 6 meaties came home from the store with me. 

I feel pretty confident now at a month old, that these are going to survive.

Below are pictures from the day I got all the baby guineas and chickens.  I'll have to take and post more up-to-date pictures soon.

The big yellow looking ones are meat birds.  The brown/red ones towards the back are RIRs.  And the little gray looking ones are guineas.

Guinea getting a drink.


Anonymous said...

awwwwwww they are so cute!!!!!

Niki said...

RIRs are so pretty.