Friday, April 25, 2014


Busy, busy day today. We tilled up 3 new garden areas. This is a big thing since two of them have been covered with a stick burn pile taller than me since...well the whole time we've lived here and likely at least 5 years before that!

The gardens are expanded this year because we have our new CSA starting the first week of June. We had the main garden tilled for awhile with early season things, but this spring has been so wet that we couldn't get out into it. All the planting should be in before the forecasted rain on Tuesday, God willing. 

We also worked on fencing around the new gardens. We love our truly free ranging chickens except in the garden!! They love tomatoes almost as much as we do. There is still more fencing to do and then we can plant those gardens. No sense planting while the chickens can still come in and "unplant" everything.

I took a turn at tilling even though my big strong teenager is usually the one doing all the "muscley" things around here.

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