Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Field Trips Day 1

Today was a great day!

It started out with heavy winds, rain, and a radar full of yellow and red storms.  Right as the first group was on the way.  I checked the forecast and it was supposed to be violently stormy all after some quick calls to postpone to Friday....

The first two families were already on the way...I told them to come on ahead and we might have to make it an abbreviated trip and only in the barn.  Ended up that it turned out alright and wasn't too terribly stormy.

What wonderful families!  The kids were delighted with the bunnies (as we were delighted with the kids!)  They all sat so nicely loving on the bunnies.  And they sat for much, much longer than I thought they would.  There were great questions and the parents were able to have some conversation since the kiddos were occupied with the baby bunnies.  Here are some of the pictures that Man took of the trip.

Our hen that was "helping" with the Talk

As I get more pictures that the families took, I will upload those as well!

Towards the end of the trip, we had two more families drop in so our total for the day was 17 visitors.

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Niki said...

The bench looks great with the hay bales around it!