Friday, October 10, 2014

Guest Post from the Man: Foodsaver Vaccum Sealer

So, who else is using their Foodsaver? Ours gets used every day. My favorite food to put into bags is my fresh beef jerky. Mason jars, however, are being vacuum packed with just about everything else that's in the pantry. When we get food from the grocery in plastic baggies I put it into jars to keep moisture out (no more stale chips, saltines). All my dried foods too. Possibly the best benefit is keeping MICE out! I haven't seen a mouse since going with the vacuum storage. They don't come around where there's no food they can get to. Here's a model I've had since 2006. 

I must have gotten lucky when we got our model as it's been rated very highly by an independent source:

Check out this guy's foodsaver test on keeping lettuce fresh in a mason jar compared to just using ziploc bags. How much produce goes to waste in YOUR frig? 

Mason Jar premade Salads (don't forget to vacuum seal them!) Make them up days ahead.

 I also gotta try rinsing salad greens & veggies in vinegar before vacuum seal. Even without the vacuum vinegar will give you a month of storage (from what I'm reading). Put a paper towel in the bottom of the jar first.

Soon I hope to make up some (non-ground) venison jerky and I've had this Foodsaver quick marinator sitting around and never really used it for much. Marinating jerky meat in minutes instead of hours with the same results sounds pretty interesting.

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