Monday, November 2, 2015

Country Mouse, City Mouse: Episode 1 #TBT 5/12/15

My cousin (and lifelong BFF) and I have decided that we need to start our own reality youTube channel or something and it will be called "Country Mouse, City Mouse" (Or she may tell you "City Mouse, Country Mouse". Ha!

We think it's hilarious that our live are so very different but we are so close that conversations that might be strange to ANYONE else seem normal to us.  For example:

Me: I saw a picture on the internet today of a cat riding a chicken.
Her: I think I've seen that.
Me: Now if I could only figure out how to get Molly on the Rooster....
Her: Seriously?
Not my cat, not my rooster...nuts!

OK, So I don't remember exactly what was said but we cracked up.  
Maybe it's just because we crack each other up!

Anywho, every once and awhile we have another "episode" to add.

Enter in her 101 list: To find 10 giant objects.
Well, that sounds like something >I< can help with!

So, when she came out to see her Mom for Mommy's Day (and her birthday) we went on one of our "adventures" to find a giant object, and one that she had seen a picture of our grandfather with;

Giant Concrete CORN!


That's me!  Yes, this corn is BIG!

You can go see her blog on this HERE!

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Anonymous said...

There is some kind of big rabbits like that somewhere around Tuttle need to go to the lomgenberger basket place too! Sheryl