Thursday, November 11, 2010

My apoligies

I have been very far from blogging see, I have a bad back.  And it has it's moments when it MUST have all the attention.  The last 5 weeks have been all about it.

It's not really better, and I'm coming to realize, that this is my "thorn", as Paul put it.  I'm learning to cope and relearn how to do what must be done, and can be done....just differently.

We'll be back with farm antics, homeschool antics, my new cupcake obsession, and the last of the canning very soon.


Niki said...

SOOOOOOO glad to see in the the blogosphere... i miss farm antics and i knew that every day that went without a post was a day you were in pain.
Hope things are getting a bit more tolerable.

Anonymous said...

I MUST MUST MUST hear about this cupcake obsession!!!!!! Hang Tuff Hunnee-Bunnee!!! We Love You :-D