Monday, June 20, 2011

100 pounds of rolled oats???

So the bulk food co-op that I go to has outstanding prices!  This is where I get my wheat to grind.  So the other day, I was there and thought...hmmm....we really eat alot of oatmeal.  How much does a big 50 pound bag cost?  What?  That cheap? ....It's $1.89 for 12 oz at the grocery store...and this is 50 pounds.  I'll take 2.....

fast forward to today... 100 pounds of oats are in the middle of my kitchen.  What do you do with 100 pounds of oatmeal??  I started putting it in my plastic buckets for storage.  50 pounds of wheat will fit in two buckets.  Well, 50 pounds of oats by volume is ALOT more!! We're up to 3 buckets on the first bag, plus the oatmeal container in the I've already made granola with some...and there is at least another bucket worth in the FIRST bag. 

So how about some oatmeal recipes??

Next up....Pinto Beans!!


Niki said...

That is a LOT of oats!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you'll be the go-to-girl for oatmeal cookies for bake sales! LOL

Urban Mermaid said...

We buy 50 pounds of oats too--same kind, from JAR Bakers Supply in lincoln RI. We keep it in my chest freezer. It lasts for years. We buy wheat berries and wheat flour peanut butter, raisins, too and they get used up in months.
Emily Lisker, Woonsocket RI