Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Sink!

Today was a day of driving all over tarnation and not getting very much done!!

I went to the other side of the city to the hamlet where I grew up...that is now so built up that I had to sit in traffic (WHAT?) to pick up a utility sink for in the barn (Shouldn't that be "an utility sink?" It doesn't sound right).  It's a cheapo sink but I hope to get it hooked up to the water and level the ground a bit under it and maybe not have such a later.

Also a wonderful man met me to give me 3 heirloom Cherokee Purple tomato plants and 3 Habenaroes (not sure about these as they are TOO hot) but we'll see.

Had another cord of wood delivered in preparation for winter.

Set traps around the coop, the chickens will not sleep in the henhouse.  They are on the firewood, the gas grill, in the barn, everywhere but where they should be...why?  At first I thought, "Oh, it must be too hot in the house..." then I found a headless chicken.  STUPID POSSEMS!  Or Racoon.  Either way, they need shot!  So we are working on convincing the hens that it is OK to go in there to lay and sleep.  We can't find the hidden stash of eggs from yesterday either....still looking.

That's all the updates for now.  More soon

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Niki said...

uhhhhh... that sounds like getting a lot done! :-)