Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Saturday....

First of All....

It was farmer's market day...pretty good day.  Told lots of people about my lacto-fermenting jars and sold two to a mother and daughter.  It was the dilly green beans that sold it!

I have had so many of my friends (and folks at the market) say "I got one of those....but still haven't used it.  What?  Why?  So I am thinking maybe I should have a class here on the farm for everyone that buys one to learn hands-on how to do it.  It's really easy so I never thought I needed to do this, but....what do you think?

I need to spend some time this weekend on my website and get it updated.  Haven't been working on it in quite a while and with the website being on all the information I am giving's time to do a spruce up!

I didn't sell any more of my tomato plants, so into the garden they are going the 6 plants I bought from my friend at "Dragonfly Farms".  Yes, I bought 6 more...because I guess the...I don't even know how many now...plants I have are not enough.  But I didn't have any Hillbilly we do!

I'll count and update on the total plants!

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Anonymous said...

I think a class is a GREAT idea! And thanks for the shout-out :-D