Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Spring, early summer on the farm is quite busy.  We've been working in the garden and getting the 48+ tomato plants well situated.  The squash is in an blooming....

Our barn is being "re-vamped",  What started out as just the corner support post being replaced has ended up with new siding, new doors & windows, new gutters...whew...it's been 3 weeks so far and there is at least another week to go.

Then the update on the failed septic system that has not been working for at least....um....3+ months.
A whole new system is being put in on the other side of the house (the orchard) next Tuesday.  So both sides of the yard will be all torn up next week. 

I'm thinking by the time everything settles down around here it will be September. 

Still struggling with my health, but doing what I can when I can.  Finances are still very, very tight as the orders for our homestead business has dropped off (our usual lull time is August-it came 4 months early and we are afraid that it may last until August due to the rotten economy---but praying it won't be so!)

So all three of us are working at the farm market.  It's nice to have my Man there to help.  Boy spends more time walking around, but he's there to help set up and tear down.  And it's nice to see the other vendors....we're "regulars" like they are so there is a bit of a sense of community there).

Still doing the lacto-fermenting jars.  Just made some awesome (fermented) salsa!  Yum.  Love the kick.  And also dilly beans.  I can't wait to start getting beans from the garden to start fermenting my own!

Well, the timer just beeped...time to get the bread out to rise.  Have a great day!


Niki said...

Think of each time He has gotten you through in the past.
You will make it through, you will.
And it is not me promising that, it is God.
I love you.

Christine said...

I am really interested in what you are doing with fermenting. Did I understand from one of your posts that you sell some of the equipment needed? I am keen to get started but need the lids with the irlock (do they fit regular glass agee jars?)

Rea said...

Christine: Thanks for your comment...send me an email at silkiechickies(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get you the information on the jars. If you are local...come to the Sunbury Farmer's Market and we can chat!