Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So behind....laundry!

What a crazy month!!

Sorry for getting behind again. 

Our washer has been revolting since about August.  It was just leaking a little bit and I'd just leave a towel in front of the washer...but there was ALWAYS a dirty wet towel when laundry was done. Sigh. 
For our anniversary / my birthday (past Christmas, pick a holiday) we saved up and I got a BRAND NEW washer and dryer.  OMGoodness...now I LOVE doing laundry!  (I know I'm a sick individual) These even 'sing' at the end of the cycles.  The dryer actually DRIES!!  Wow.  My Man said if he had known I would have been so excited to have a great working washer/dryer, he would have insisted sooner that we get them.  (He has been trying to get me to get them since August).  They were delivered on Monday, I had all the laundry done by Tuesday...and had washed all the bedspreads, etc by Wednesday.  Thursday I was depressed as there was nothing left to wash.  Sigh.  But I have a load in right now.  Weee....Now if there was just a machine to fold it.

Old Tired Washer and Dryer
Aren't they be-yoo-ti-ful??
Now I have a bee in my bonnet to repaint and redecorate the laundry room.  Put I've been advised to "shelf" that until later.  But winter is the time for projects on a farm...spring, summer and fall are TOO busy!!

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Anonymous said...

I totally am with you on the obsession - a good laundry flow is a thing of sweet dreams! you go girl! and yes, they ARE beeeuuuutteeeefulll!!