Friday, June 7, 2013

A month of medicine...hospitals...etc.

I have been on so sporatically!  Why is that?  Well, like the title, I've been dealing with medicine, hospitals, etc.  Started with my Mom and an emergency (unneeded) appendectomy, and a 5 day stay at the hospital (I stayed for 2 of those).  Then Weldon got pneumonia....he is doing much better, but still coughing and he is limping.  5 Days of giving him shots.  Then last week, took my Dad for a stress test, and today he had to have a Heart Cath. at a different hospital.  He is fine and will not need a stent.  Two days ago, my Boy had too much sun and ended up sick for an evening....also fine now.

Meanwhile, I got poison ivy back in April that has not gone away.  OK, it went away for about a week, then it appeared ALL.OVER...and in RANDOM places.  Seems I'm not just allergic (like most people) but highly allergic in that it's gone into my blood and the rash is appearing along my vein lines....yes, let's do it good!  I went through another round of steroids, finished them on rashes on Monday.  So I start another round tomorrow.

Good news is that I usually get lots done on the first three days!  Whee!  Making my list of what to get done this weekend.

So with this cheery post, I will post a really neat picture.  I went out to do chores only to see A HOT AIR BALLOON!  In the middle of nowhere!

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