Saturday, September 14, 2013

Farm animals-Picture Heavy!

Grandma Arizona came out to help with chores.  Man was "photographer" and took TONS of pictures of us with the animals.

Danny, Kristl, Rea, Bess, Weldon

Bess, Weldon, Rea, Iona, Kristl

Bess, Weldon, Rea, Iona

Bess, Rea, Iona (pay attention to ME!) Weldon

Bess, Weldon, Rea, Danny, Boy, Iona, Gma AZ 

Boy, Iona, Gma AZ

Grandma Arizona and the Meat Chickens

The harvest is almost ready!


Weldon, Bess, and Ta-Da, the Rooster

Gma AZ and Man
A boy and his Mom!

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