Saturday, October 31, 2015

Firewood from Friends 5/2/15

Some friends down the road have about 7 acres of land, and a lot of trees down. (We started looking for firewood for the winter very early this year after last year's harsh winter).  Our friends invited us over to cut wood to add to our woodpile.  

After working with his birthday chainsaw that he got last year, Boy was beyond frustrated because it wouldn't stay going.  Dad to the rescue!  Since Man wasn't allowed to do any really heavy labor, he went to Rural King and got Boy a chainsaw!  He loves his machinery!!

Our friends also have this awesome John Deere tractor.  Boy asked lots and lots of questions about it~  Our friends let both of us drive it around their farm.  It is NICE!!

We are truly blessed to have friends that are neighbors who blessed us with firewood and help!

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Kerry Aulger said...

Oh, how I remember those days! You are smart, though. My family would be doing this in the SNOW when I was a kid!