Monday, August 9, 2010

Please pray....

I haven't mentioned this as often as it is on our heart....Boy's friend Samuel.  If you remember from some time back, Sam was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma (cancer) on August 10, 2009.  He has had a rough year.  Many rounds of chemo, hospital stays, and surgeries.  We've been to visit a few times, but not as often as we would have liked.  He is always in our thought, prayers and conversations.  We were excited to know he and his whole family that we love were going to Florida to Disney with Make a Wish.

On the Monday before Grandma's funeral, we found out that Sam's latest scan did not come back with good news.  Not only is his cancer back in his lungs, but it has spread to other areas.

We are devistated for him and his family.  We are still praying without ceasing and asking for you to pray for healing and peace for Sam. And for his family.  His parents are having to do the unthinkable on the anniversary of his diagnosis.

He's at home now, no more hospitals, chemo, etc. Hospice is helping out.  Words fail me.  I've been trying to put on a "happy face" and blog like always, but the truth is...nothing is the same.  

We had another little friend, age 7, battling cancer that gained her "angel wings" this Saturday.  It is very very hard for me, as an adult, to wrap my mind around....I can't image what it's like for Boy to be losing friends...his age to this terrible disease.

Please pray....pray without ceasing...and hug your loved ones and little ones just a little tighter tonight.

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