Saturday, August 21, 2010

Samuel earned his angel wings at 7:07PM surrounded by his family in his bed at home. Samuel is now healed, cancer free, running on both legs again.

Our lives, especially my son's, has been forever changed. We will again face the day in prayer for Sam's family, and the half a million lives (no exaggeration-that's how many unique visits his caringbridge site has) he touched. And also for my boy, as we deal with another loved one, gone for been reunited when we have completed our mission here.

Thank you for your prayers.

We are still collecting funds for the Bish family personally, and Zachary is still determined to do his bike ride, but now it will be a memorial bike ride. Please consider helping as they still have many medical bills that no parent should have to worry about right after losing their precious son to this disease.
The following is about the new Sam Bish foundation that is being set up.
" For 375 days, Sam showed us what it is to be a true JEDI. . . May he rest in Peace and soar in glory. He was on this earth for 3,494 days. . . He wanted to "live" for the next 50 years, well, Samuel I will make sure you will! A True JEDI, never to be forgotten. 
I promised Sammy if he wouldn't live for 50 years, I would make sure his name NEVER died. . .well, Sammy may be gone physically, BUT his name will carry on. . .I will tell you I haven't figured out all the logistics of it all, but this foundation will be made to support families with children battling this disease (Sammy's Jedis), and to bring smiles to their faces ("Smiles from Sam")

The Samuel Bish Foundation" on Facebook

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