Thursday, October 13, 2011

Boring would be alright....

Seriously....I'm ready for someone else's life to be full of drama. I'm done!

As you saw below, our doggie is hurt. We think she was hit by a car on Monday. The damage to her front leg is serious. She had two very, very deep cuts and is not able to feel the leg or foot so she is still "walking" on it. This is bad because she is "walking" on the front (where the wounds are).

We did take her to the vet. And right now it is a "wait and see" period. The vet believes that she either strained or tore the tendons (ligaments??) in her "arm pit" and has no sensations in her leg at all. The hope is that after the inflamation goes down, it will start coming back and she will heal. If it does not, she will likely need to have her front leg amputated (or worse put down).

This is a very difficult time. Financially things are not great here. With the economy, Man's business is very slow. My short term disablity is over and we are currently appealing my denials for long term disablity and SSDI. So I have $0 income. The pesky light company still want their money and don't really seem to care if your doggie is 'sick'. So....we are doing some fundraising. If you can help, we'd appreciate it. If you can't, that is totally fine too. I'm just hoping that 240 of my fans (um...I realize there are only maybe 3 of you!) will contribute a couple bucks. Or hit their fans up for some!

We will also be doing Kristl Kakes and Doggy Yum-yums for sale to raise funds as well. The Kristl Kakes are for people and cannot be shipped...however the Doggie Yum-yums can. I will be working on a flyer or my spare time. Grin!

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Anonymous said...

hey honey - put a picture of her with all this! :-) her cute face should rake in the dough! LOL