Saturday, October 1, 2011

Change is in the Air

Officially, my favorite season is fall.  However, I still need brought into it kicking and hollaring because summmer is a very close second.  It's now fall and frankly the past few days have been feeling long past the beginning of Fall and quite close to Winter (my least favorite).

So with the change of the seasons, it's time to put new goals in focus and shift gears. On my 101 list, I've listed two "Month-of-Nothings" per year.  The year is almost over and we only had a half of a "M-o-N" back in April.  With my disablity pay ending and the economy looking worse and worse, October is declared "Month-of-Nothing PLUS!"  This will make up for the unstellar show in April.  This month we will be frugal PLUS hit another goal of making some money on Ebay and Craigslist.  (Oh, and I kinda hit another goal, in a sideways way, I did post on Etsy last month, but under a new account for Man's business).  But I will post in Etsy on my account too! 

Other goals that we will be accomplishing (like the positive thinking) by doing MoN:
  • Menu planning
  • Going after Debt
  • Clean out Barn (gotta have room for the cow/goat!)
  • Inventory freezer and pantry (get count of what was canned!)
This would be a longer post, but my friend down the road and I planned a "Road Party" for our two Country Roads to get to know one another and it is taking place in just a few hours.  It may be two families, it could be 42 families.  We'll see.  It's really nasty out today, so our hopes of having an outdoor party is pretty much a bust.

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Niki said...

I totally forgot that the party was this weekend.
How did it go?