Friday, March 30, 2012

The Saga of Black Cat

Let me tell you the recent goings on of our cats....

Tommy (Otherwise known as Black Cat) got into a bit of a scrape about a week ago.  He came to the backdoor first thing in the morning as he usually does, but one eye was almost swollen shut with tears coming down.  So I wiped his eye and noticed that he had bad scratches near that ear and it was swollen.  So we got out the trusty Hydrogen Peroxide....and started to doctor the cat.  And THEN put Peroxide on the scratches in my side, arm and shoulder (grin-have you read the email about giving a cat a pill??) he seemed to be alright.  The next day, we couldn't find him.  After two days and 1 night missing he showed up at dinnertime.  I fed him (and Yellow Cat) some of the biscuits I had made (and don't ask for the recipe...they were not good, that's why they went to the cats and other animals) soaked in tuna fish juice.  I put a pet antibiotic in Black Cat's and kept shooing Yellow Cat off. 

Next morning, another antibiotic in tuna.  Then, he disappeared again.  This time for 4 days/3 nights.  I worried and fretted that I had killed him with the antibiotics.  That he had gone out into the field and was attacked again and since he was sick, couldn't run away.  Had been eaten by the coyotes we keep hearing.  Last night, I had finally given up seeing him again.  So much so, that my Boy who is highly allergic and not really a cat fan, actually suggested that I look on Craigslist to find another cat to keep Yellow Cat (and me) company.  Black Cat has always come when Man calls as he feeds the cats the mice we catch in our traps.  This morning, Boy and I prayed earnestly that the cat would have either found a new home and they took him to the vet or that at least he didn't suffer.

So I started typing this earlier today with a "RIP Black Cat"....then Man went out to the shop calling the cat, but didn't look for him or even stop.  10 minutes later, my Boy looked out the back door and who was there???

A bit more beaten up as now his other ear has a bit of scratches on it.  He is now locked in a cage in the barn until he is healed up and I think he can hold his own against other foes.  And yellow cat is laying right outside of the cage waiting on him!!

OH, and this is a picture from 1/31 when I planted some experimental plants.  Black Cat tends to keep me company around the farm....I also updated the 1/31 post with the other pictures from that day...

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Anonymous said...

yaaaaa!!!! sounds like Black Cat needs some fighting lessons....LOL. Glad it's back tho...and YOU too! miss seeing your blogs & stories & pics :-)