Thursday, March 21, 2013

Barn Safai

One of my 101 mid-season replacements is to do a "Barn Safari".  I love seeing the old barns that are still around (even if most of them are about to fall down.)  There are about 5 on the way to church that everytime I pass, I think I should get back here when I'm not in good clothes and get some pictures.  The goal is to take the pictures in different seasons and find a few to print and frame here at the house.

While I had to do something I always put off (I dread doing it, but don't have a good reason why.) my BFF suggested I do something I WANTED to do at the same time.  So I took the recycling up to the next town, and on the way back got some safari pictures.

Here is the BEST  of the lot:

And here are some others:



kerrya said...

What great pictures! Gives me an idea for an art project w/ the kids!

Jenny said...

Looking good! I think they all look great - they would make a great display.

Barbara S. said...

Hey I love the barn pictures!! We go on drives and I take my camera so I can capture things for the DH to paint! Barns are on of our favorite things to get pictures of and you got some real beauties!! :o)

Anonymous said...

Good job, you took great pictures Rickki.


Niki said...

I am proud of you.
Doesn't mixing something you have to do with something you want to do make it all so much easier?