Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cellar Greenhouse

I haven't been posting much (which is bad for my 365 project) but the pictures and days seem so alike.  How many pictures of icicles can I post, really??  I know, right?

But today is a bit different...despite a horrible head cold, I started putting together the indoor "greenhouse" I've been imagining for the last two months.  I'll post all the steps..

First few shelves up, working on attaching lights.  Notice the old washer hook up is right there so I can easily water, plus the sump pump hole is on the other side for drainage.

All the shelves are up and two of the lights.  I only had two, but Man saved the day!  He had another brand new one in the shop that he gave me.

My helpers: Danny and Black Cat.

Black Cat (AKA Tom) is definitely a Tom-Cat.  Look at those raggedy ears!
All the lights attached and on.

Plastic attached and open.

All closed up.

The view with my buckets of grain and canning in front.
Tomorrow....starting the seeds.

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Niki said...

Well done!
One question - what is Black Cat doing in the house?