Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ah...the feed store in the spring...

Going to the feed store in the spring is a dangerous proposition for me.  You the spring time (and I know technically it's not spring for another 26 days) they bring in baby chicks....

But let me back up...just a bit.

I've been waiting for almost a month for my new cows....then there was a delay in delivery of the two....then somehow Half-Pint got hurt...then another delay in delivery.  She was supposed to come today.  But then I got a call that maybe it would have to be tomorrow as the ground is too soft to disappointment.

Then my Boy was going to put up my grow room so I could start my seedlings.  But the package had 3 packages of one set of poles and non of the I ended up with 16 missing poles and the tent had to be packed back up to go back from whence it came....sigh.

So my Dear Man, knowing what would happen...and actually encouraging me...sent me off alone to the feed store...

Two Light Colored Americaunas, Two Dark Americaunas, and 2 Buff Orpingtons.
And I'm going back on March 10 to geth the other 3 breeds I'd like to add!

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