Saturday, February 22, 2014

I LOVE Sunshine!

Everything just seems to go better with Vitamin D, don't you think?

This morning, Man and I went through all the seed catalogs (they send enough catalogs that we each had one to go page by page through) and decided what "new and exciting" things to try this year.  The Boy joined in and decided on things HE needed to add to the list.  Plus, we came up with some neat ideas for the blog soon to be implimented.  (Good News-hopefully more consistant posting.)

I'm really excited because I have some "real foodie" people interested in joining the CSA this year.  I love to garden, but if it's just for me...I tend to peter out later in the summer.  If I am growing for more than just our family, there is pressure there....and as I've always told my cousin, I don't run on a reward system, more of a guilt system :)

So after spending the local nursery (seeds were 25% off!) and even bigger MUMBLE..MUMBLE  at two different mail order places.  I think I have the majority of the garden set for the year.

We are adding to the orchard this year, and also adding a field of "soft fruits".  The saying goes that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and the next best time is now.  I planted a Honey Crisp apple tree when we first moved it.  Man called it the "one stick wonder".  Well now it has a few branches but still is very sad looking.  Our other older apple trees did not do well last year....

Here are the trees we are adding this year:

Gala Apple
Red Delicious Apple
Another Honeycrisp Apple

Elberta Dwarf Peach Tree
Red Haven Dwarf Peach Tree

4 Pecan Trees

Also (non food)
3 Paper White Birches (my son is currently obsessed with these..I dunno why?)
3 Blue Spruce
10 Lombardy Poplar Shade Trees

As far as the 'Soft Fruit'

4 "Sand" Cherry Bushes
9 Black Raspberry Bushes (3 @ Cumberland, Black Hawk, and Logan)
12 Red Raspberry Bushes (6 @ Latham and Fallred)
3 Gold Raspberry Bushes (Fallgold)
3 Red Canadice Seedless Grapevines
200 Strawberry Plants (100 Everbearing [25@ Ozark Beauty, Ft.Laramie, Quinault, Ogallala] 100 June Bearing [25@Allstar, Honeoye, Sparkle, Surecrop])
1 Tayberry
6 Blueberry Bushes (2@ Northland, Berkeley, and Herbert)
2 Rhubarb Bushes

THEN...there are the Veggies!!  YAY!

OK...I'm not saying that I have a problem....however...I am up to 73 packets of seeds (not including flowers or herbs).  I will need to list them all out for the CSA, but for now...just behold the whole end of my kitchen table covered!!  (And this isn't including the 6 things I realized I still haven't bought...)  I can say I am doing better this year as I only have 9 varieties of tomatoes rather than 20.

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