Saturday, February 8, 2014

Painting "Strawberries"

We are preparing for spring and the expansion of all the "soft fruits".  One of the big projects is the 200 strawberry plants coming.  In order to deter the birds I've read about painting rocks to look like strawberries and put them among the plants.  They peck at them before the fruit actually ripens and then are less likely to peck the real fruit when it finally ripens.  We shall see!

So after a trip to one of my happy places: Hobby Lobby, and armed with paint and rocks, we started painting.  Boy helped me get the red done.  I will have to post pictures when we get the rest of the colors on.  It is taking a bit of time as we wait in between layers and colors.  In the meantime, I am craving strawberry jam!

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Kerry Aulger said...

That is so cool! I'd never heard of that, but can see how it could work! Definitely keep us up to date this Spring on if it actually works! :D