Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cowboy Candy...and what's in the dehydrator today?!

What is that in the sink?!? Why that would be an entire peck of Jalapeno peppers.
And what am I doing with them?


Cowboy  Candy is candied (jellied) jalapenos that my cyber-bff is always raving about.  I had to make them myself because her family eats them so fast that she can't get a jar away from them to send it.  
Yes, it's that good!!*

*if you can handle HOT!

I haven't canned as much this summer as I would have liked (although Man did a good job preserving food for the winter for us with the dehydrator) but I had a goal to get some stuff in jars, and in less than a month we will be having our very first, on-farm, local farm market and craft fair.  I still have tons of jars of jelly from the last canning challenge, but wanted to add some new Cowboy Candy!

The smell was very spicy and the house smelled like Mexican Restaurant! YUM!

Almost 18 jars later....
It has to "mellow" for a few weeks before we try them. 
 (Although we did sneak a few, and then I had to ask my friend, does "mellow" mean it will get hotter or milder...because OH MY!  HOT!!)

Meanwhile in the dehydrator we have some apple chips (Honey Crisp-YUMMY!) and homemade raisins
Guest post from the Man coming up!

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Anonymous said...

yeah - you needed many more jars of this cowboy candy - definitely a hot seller... sheryl