Friday, September 5, 2014

Freezing Corn

It's been over 3 years since I put up corn.
It was the year my Grandma "went home".  I remember that I thought (in my addled state) that we'd need to do about 3 bushels.  

 This spring I used my last package of frozen corn.  (I still have some in jars, but don't like how it tastes as well --better for soup) So corn was not optional.  I found a local farmer and bought 80 ears of corn to supplement what was coming out of the garden (which was not much and most went to the CSA).

We ended up with about 10 packages of corn...that's a bit more reasonable.
And, Maybe...if the garden does better next year, I can again put up a "bushel and a peck"


Niki said...

I see nothing suspect in putting up 3 bushels of corn.
everything goes better with corn.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmm corn........where's the butter? :-) sheryl