Friday, September 12, 2014

Our new kittens!

In the early spring, a friend of the family had two kittens that needed a home.  At the time, Yellow Cat had disappeared and had been missing for quite a few weeks and we were sure that a coyote had gotten him. (and the day I agreed to take the kittens, Yellow Cat showed back up--fixed and his ear docked)

Then Man got the kittens got put on forward a few months.  Our friend asked again if we would be willing to take the kittens in.  I had already said yes, and just the week before there were more mice causing chaos in the pantry so I said sure.

We we went to homeschool gym, knowing we were getting cats.  Knowing and thinking are two totally different things with me.  Did we know we were bringing home cats? Yes.  Did I think to put a carrier, box, SOMETHING into the car to put them in? Um...what do you think?

Did I have other errands I had in mind to do after gym?  Well, yes.  Is our son highly allergic to cats?  Again, Um, yes.  And Man, too?  ?  Then yes, lets just let the cats roam the car as we drive the 20+ miles home...and while I'm in the grocery store.  Sounds like an excellent idea!!

So without further ado....This one is named Molly...but is called Boots (Bootsie)

These cats could not look more different.  The one I'm holding looks like a Siamese.
Her name is Asia.

Yellow Cat (Timmy) is not so sure about these new residents...

And the kittens aren't so sure about Danny...


Niki said...

Now i know what the kitties look like when we talk about them. I love the white strip running down Asia's leg.

Anonymous said...

asia reminds me of that Angry Cat...but very cute! they'll earn their keep I'm sure....