Sunday, September 4, 2016

And MORE Salsa!

So this has been the summer or Salsa!! 

Every week we have had an abundance of tomatoes:

Like our weeble-wobble people tomato?

Or the big heart tomato 

I have had lots of help from both my guys and also my parents!! 
 I'm so thankful for the help. 
And again this morning as I looked around the kitchen, 
I saw that we needed to get another batch going.  

Maters everywhere!

My loves!  Helping hands are the best.

This time the peppers were mostly yellow.

YUM!  7 More quarts of Salsa!
Currently the Salsa count is up to 145 jars


Elizabeth said...

whoops! this was where my hot pepper comment was meant to go!

Elizabeth said...

I think I'm gonna have to try the salsa this year too...