Sunday, November 6, 2016

"Festival" Season

I've had our "Really Local Farm Market and Craft Fair" for three years now.  Last year I did one additional "festival" at a local church the next week.  In the past, I've sold stuff at the farmer's market and do pretty well because "I have the gift for gab"  Laugh!

Right before our festival this year, the same church that I had gone to last year called me and asked if I would participate in their bazaar again this year.  Personally asked, um SURE!! Then a great friend mentioned their church was doing an event.  Would I like to come?!  Definitely!  Then, Boy's girlfriend's Dance Studio was doing their first ever Craft Fair.  Yes, I'll do that too.

Guess what?  I like doing festivals!!  So I've been looking around on Facebook and the local papers to find more.  That also means making lots more jams and jellies. On the schedule for this week is at least 12 batches to replenish my most popular flavors (the most popular seems to be the "Cackleberry Classics" which are the blends that we have come up with.)

I meet the neatest people at the festivals.  This weekend I met a really nice lady and we talked and talked.  More on that in a few days as I might have A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! (at least it's BIG for me!)

As of right now, my next festival is on November 18th (Friday night) and then another full day one on December 3rd.  Come out and see me!  But if you need some jams, jellies or savories before then, send me a message!

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