Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Finally...the announcement

At my last craft fair, I was catty corner from two lovely women that made the some of the cutest cards.  We talked scrapbooking for a bit as we waited for the fair to open.

Fast forward 4 hours, these poor women had to hear my "jam talk" approximately 427 times (and likely could recite it themselves!!).  At the end of the fair, she came over and was chatting with me about how I had some really unique takes for using jams and jellies....would I like to do a segment on her morning show about it?

Um...wait...what?!?  In her "regular life" she is the producer for the 9 am hour of "Good Day Columbus".  And she asked ME if I would be comfortable doing a 4 minute segment in the next few weeks..YIKES!! 

Well, YES!! 

As you may or may not know, I am not a camera person.  But in the interest of growing and trying things outside (WAAAAY outside) my comfort zone, this is going to happen!!  I flunked public speaking and "told" God that I was never, ever going to be someone that was in the forefront when speaking.  Guess what, when God has other plans, you really ought to obey, eh?  LOL.

SO, my "TV debut" will be November 30 at 9:45 am on Good Day, Columbus. (Channel 6, I'm pretty sure).  However, it will also be on their website (Oh, Dear!!) and I can link it after the fact.  Also, I will be posting all the "recipes" of what I'm showing on the blog on 
November 3th.

I'd say go watch it, but the idea of people actually watching me is kinda freaking me out! 


Kerry Aulger said...

Oh my goodness!! That is SO COOL!!! I am definitely gonna try to watch it!!

Anonymous said...

so cool! i cannot wait.��

Elizabeth said...

Wowza!! That's amazing! I will be sure to watch - you will ROCK it!