Thursday, February 23, 2017

That convicting moment...

One of my 101 goals is to FINALLY get my Faithbooking concordance put together in a form that can be published.  In "getting ready" to do that, I went to a blog that I used to get inspiration from frequently back when I was originally putting the concordance together back in 2004 (yes, that's right, it's been on my list for ahem 13 years).

I read her "recent" posts and became re involved in her life only to realize that she hasn't posted since 2013 and I'm again lost in wondering where this person went.  And what they are up to, and no, I don't know her personally.  Her blog led me to another of a family whose husband was fighting cancer and oddly enough ended up they were right here in our city.  Only to see that the last post was in 2009 and the 3 year old that I was praying for would now be 14.   (No I don't know them either)

And it made me wonder, does anyone read our little farm blog and then wonder why I disappear for months at a time.  Or could I just stop and that would be fine because my handful of readers "know me" either through facebook, or In Real Life?  Should I keep telling my silly little stories for some person that might run across my blog in 8 years because they are curious about cows and craziness??

And I feel a bit convicted, that maybe I'm letting someone down by not being "here"

So here's where I've been:

  • My TN has been in an awful flare period and I've been "playing" with various medicines trying to get it to give me a break without turning me into a zombie (So far, haven't found the right combo)
  • enjoying the beautiful "spring" we are having this winter and wondering when the 3 feet of snow will hit: April or May??
  • Trying to decide if I want to do spring festivals with my jam.
  • Making jam from the last of the reserve berries in my freezers and counting the days until the bushes will be full again.
  • I have actually been scrapbooking again!!  I went to a one day crop and did 7 pages and to a weekend one with my cousin in PA and finished 70 pages!!
  • I got a fitbit from my mom for my birthday and have been playing with my "steps"
  • Wishing I was actually getting "stuff" done that was on my lists!!
So  Anyone reading?  


Jenny said...

Yes I am reading! Sorry you are having flare-ups. I wish I could get back to some scrap booking too! I do have a list made and broken up to bite sized pieces, so maybe you will inspire me to take a Saturday and check something off the list!

Anonymous said...

I love Love LOVE reading your blog! Keep it up! It's a great time capsule for you too! Happy, sad, campy, informative, it's all good! And I'm not saying that because you're my Bestest either..Sheryl

Anonymous said...

read it!!�� kids want to visit again!

Phyllis said...

Yes I read it........and love the way you can describe anything and everything......being selfish , I would like to see you blog more only because I could read more......seriously your blogs have a way of making my days happier ,I find myself smiling ......keep up the great words my friend that has 2 great dogs.......Phyllis

Niki said...

And even those of us who are IRL, like to read about your adventures and look at the pics which do not translate in a phone call.