Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's that peeping at the post office.....Guineas!!

Our guineas were hatched on June 29th and on July 1st at 6:30 am the post office called to tell me I had a very noisy box to pick up!

Guineas (once grown) love to eat TICKS!  And since we definitely have ticks....
The minimum order was 30.

At home in the brooder.

We've sold 4 to a really nice family, and have lost one of the "chipmunk" ones to the heat.  The plan is to sell about 15 more. They were much smaller than day-old chick and were about the size of a quarter. They are living in the brooder with Thanksgiving, the turkey, and the three silkies. 

Sidenote, we've recently discovered that the silkies are 2 hens and a rooster named Professor Chicken. (I don't know, ask the Boy)

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