Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I've now had the 3rd person ask if I am going to write my annual Christmas "novel"-you know I am too wordy to be just the Christmas letter type :)  I read through last year's and yup...quite wordy.  I can't imagine that anyone really wants to know that much minutia

Honestly, I am having a hard time this year. Oh, I'm doing everything right on schedule (well as close to "on schedule" as I get).  And while I am truly grateful for all the good in my life, I am having a hard time seeing past the struggles.  Man said it best last night..."You could say the best part of this year is that we made it through all 52 weeks of it!"  So there you go...we made it...and now...on to more.  I ready someone's blog that was talking about any time spent on THIS side of a "dirt-nap" was good...I think they really don't get it.  The prize, the good is on THAT side of a "dirt nap"  and Lord, I am ready for it!  It is hard to be lonely and homesick for home...when you are home.  And I know so many would be more grateful than I for what I have,  But what I LONG for is Heaven.  I long to see my Heavenly Father, my Redeemer.  Nevermind that whole new body thing!  Anyone that thinks that the Hear-an-Now is what it is about is well, basically, either clueless or an athiest.

But how do you nicely put that into a letter...especially when you wonder about so many on the list. With me, Clueless, God-less.  And how do I say what I want to win the God-less, clue in the Clueless, and encourage the ones With me???

So, I will spend the next day, writing about the everyday on a semi-working farm wishing I could really articulate what I wish I could say, but don't have the words or the eloquence to write.

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Niki said...

That seemed pretty eloquent to me.