Friday, December 30, 2011

OK...Time to get blogging.

This is my post from over on my scrapbooking blog... The breakdown of those goals are over there if you want to see.  I don't know if I will post pictures of all the pages I complete as I know there will be tons of them...right? right?  YES!  Right. But I will do better at posting on all three blogs in 2012.  Afterall, it's on the 101 list!

So...finally, I am working on my 101 in 1001 for my scrapbooking goals. I am trying to decide my plan of attack for the scrapping. I have a very aggresive goal, but with everything else needing to get done in my life, I think it may be too aggressive. So I've tried to modify it also.

I have been trying to it better to just work on one year at a time, or kind of "scattered"? I thought I might try scattered, that way I'm working on various ages of our son and not be "bored". But I am afraid I may not be organized enough to pull that off.

So here is my plan: I must get AT LEAST number 1 & 2 done each month. My modified goal is to get numbers 1-4 done each month. My out of control goal (which I realize will not happen-even though I secretly hope...) is to get 1-16 done each month (except the months where there are 17...then...)

January will be getting the room set up. This is a BIG goal in itself, but I think I am ready. chart doesn't show up I will break it out in months....on different posts.... .  You can check out my "plans" for other scrappy / photo related goals over there!

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