Saturday, December 17, 2011


The 106 year old original siding...and look a porch exactly where I've always wanted to put on...even with the apex as I imagined!!!  Do you see the primitive star on the house?
For the last two years, my landlady has said that she wanted to put new siding on the house.  WooHoo.  But, of course, the way things didn't get done in the summer, fall,, first they pulled out our two picture windows the first week of December and put in new ones (And fixed all the around the window where I could see the blue sky outside from the termite damage!!).  That only took two days.  Then the siding guys came on Friday, December 9th.  The coldest day so far....all pulled off all the 30 year old siding and brittle 30 year old aluminum house wrap.  The house wrap fell about the yard and because the cold front was blowing in....all over the yard.  So it looks currently like redneck tinsel.

They couldn't make it back until Monday.....the heat from the woodburner went directly out all the walls! Half of the downstairs was rewrapped, and 1/4 sided.  Then it rained.  So they didn't come back.
End of Day 1...yes...that's all folks!

Then they came back again....yesterday, Friday the 16th.  They got the downstairs wrapped and most of the way sided.  Upstairs....not so much of well, anything.  I haven't seen anyone today and suspect I won't see them until Monday.  I'm a bit peeved.  And COLD.  What a waste of wood!  All the heat just flows right out of the house.  So it's snowing currently.  My prayer is that they will have the house back together before Christmas Eve, but at this pace, it will likely be spring.


Anonymous said...

wow! great that you're finally getting the siding done, but wow! like you said - what a waste of wood. i think i'd be letting the landlady know what a slow-go job they are doing & how much inconvenience they are causing you. LOVE the li'l porch & such...we do so love the "oldies-but-goodies" don't we? hang in there baby!!! ~ Sheryl

Niki said...

so very cold just looking at that picture...