Friday, July 19, 2013

Warning:Gross Graphic Pictures....No, Really!

Weldon has been plagued with issues since birth.  Sigh.

The vet thought he was still born.  Born 3 weeks early.  Unable to stand for the first 2 days.  Pneumonia.  Then couldn't walk due to a big abscessed something on his leg.

Can't breath when it's hot...had another really bad day then the abscessed thing on his leg "popped".  It's still an open sore on his leg.

Well, about 2 weeks ago a friend was over taking pictures of Weldon's nose (it is rather cute!) and she pointed out a lump on his other side thinking it was the one I had mentioned to her.  (I was talking about his leg.) Oh my goodness, here is another one on the other side of his body actually on his body.  We've been keeping an eye on it keeps getting bigger. 
It doesn't seem to bother him much.  He was running and romping around today.  After checking the internet and watching truly disgusting YouTube videos, I thought I ought to do something about it.  I did try to drain it, but only about 1/4 of it is out.  It's been Neosporin-ed and he is resting in the "sick" stall on fresh hay.  We'll see tomorrow if I need to do it again (Man, I hope not!)

Enter in what my cousin/BFF calls frontier medicine....word to the wise, I will not be Dr. Quinn, Medicine woman any time soon.  And these pictures are not you might want to just stop now. 

!  Smells bad...looks bad! 

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Niki said...

wow. when you said it was big I was NOT imagining that it was that big...
I only charge a little extra for house calls, though it looks like you have it well in hand.