Saturday, July 20, 2013

YAY! He's back home

Today I picked our Boy back up from camp.  He had a time, however, I am wrapping him in Bubblewrap!  Apparently there was a crash during one of the games and he ended up with not just a black eye, but a "PLUM" of an eye.

He spent the afternoon resting and getting caught up on his sleep.  Probably the best thing for him.  The nurse at camp said she couldn't keep him down and he was running and running, so he didn't keep ice on it and there was lots of blood pumping, so now that he is resting we are hoping that it goes down quickly.  If not he may be visiting the doctor or eye doctor on Monday.

His "Welcome Home" surprise was a box of Twinkies.  All I heard for the week that they were shutting down Hostess was how he hadn't had a Twinkie in "his whole entire life...."  So when I saw that they came back out this week, I had to go get a box...

Here he's hiding his eye...that's the best way to do it...with a snack cake!

Welcome Home, Boy!  You were definitely missed!!


Niki said...

ahhhhhh Twinkies; they'll make the pain go away.
I'd suggest waiting for the swelling to go down before you see an eye doctor cause right now they couldn't even find his eye.

Anonymous said...

NO DOUBT NIKI!!! oh my LORD!! what did he get hit with? Andre the Giant's fist? was someone practicing their karate kicks? heavens that looks like it hurts!