Monday, July 29, 2013

Homemade Mommy McMuffins...

We are getting ready to go on an extended delivery for Man's business...more info on that soon....but in preparation of leaving at the crack of dawn, I premade "Mommy McMuffins."

First of all....I got some eggs from the store last week (I had a free coupon)

Can you tell the one egg in this pan that is from our farm??

Put into muffin tins and then baked. 

Baked sausage patties.
Toasted muffins.

Wrapped and ready to rewarm in the oven in the morning.


Niki said...

Great idea. May I have one, please?

Anonymous said...

Day's a lotta sammiches! Yummy! Y'all be careful & have a great time! Take lots n lotsa pics!