Saturday, November 2, 2013

I'm thankful for....Day 2

This is the month for Thankfulness...

I am thankful for this Man.
This is my love and my heart.
This year we celebrated our 20th anniversary, but I am ready for 45 more...or until the Lord returns!

  1. He's pursuing a real relationship with Christ.
  2. He works hard.
  3. He puts up (and encourages) my hair-brained ideas
  4. He wants the best for our son
  5. He's passionate about our family.
  6. He's a good leader
  7. He's not a whiner.
  8. I can trust his judgment.
  9. He does the right thing, even when he doesn't want to.
  10. He tries to please me.
  11. He's organized.
  12. He's inventive.
  13. He willing to get his hands dirty.
  14. He's adventurous.
  15. He's dependable.
  16. He takes command.
  17. He can still sweet talk me.
  18. He's disciplined.
  19. He can fix anything.
  20. He knows when to call a repairman.
  21. He's willing to try new things.
  22. He asks my opinion.
  23. He's committed to our marriage.
  24. He's realistic.
  25. He compliments me.
  26. He's a good guy.
  27. He helps clear the table.
  28. He thanks me at the end of most meals.
  29. He has simple tastes.
  30. I'm still attracted to him.
  31. He has a sweet smile.
  32. He doesn't make excuses.
  33. He knows me.
  34. He chose me
  35. He loves me as I grow older.
  36. He wants to be a good man.
  37. He values my job as a wife and mother.
  38. He is encouraging to our son.
  39. He's silly for our son
  40. His eyes don't stray.
  41. He gets what's important in life.
  42. He would do anything to keep me smiling.
  43. He would lay down his life for us.
  44. His arms are protective.
  45. He tries to put up with my PMS.
  46. He'd rather be with me and our son than anywhere else.
  47. He's a trusted friend.
  48. He'd takes good care of me when I'm not well.
  49. He's honest.
  50. He's not a showoff.
  51. He's makes up silly songs for us.
  52. He sings to me.
  53. He's a great provider
  54. He's creative.
  55. He's always on time.
  56. He's happy to work behind the scenes.
  57. He makes me laugh.
  58. He has a good heart.
  59. He is honorable.
  60. When he makes decisions he considers the needs of our family first.
  61. He's irresistible.
  62. He's kind.
  63. He's a man of his word.
  64. He desires to be the best husband and father he can be.
  65. He's a good companion.


Anonymous said...

Don't you just LOVE to love your man? :-). You are so blessed to have such a good man and I am so happy for you! Sheryl

Anonymous said...

AND him too.....happy he's got you! LOL

Niki said...

great list for a great guy