Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm Thankful for...Day 9

Like most little girls, I read the Little House books (and watched the TV show).  I had (have) family that farm for real.  I have always wanted to either have a farm and be a farmer (or a rancher) or run a hotel. 
My wonderful Man has helped one of my dreams come true. 

I am grateful for our farm animals.  They contribute to our family with milk and eggs, but are a part of the family too.  Some of them will give the ultimate sacrifice to feed us.  I don't ever forget that, but while they are with us they are loved and spoiled.  I know that they have had the best possible life we can give them. 

Me and Weldon (and Bess)

Bess talking to me and Iona
The last batch of meat chickens AKA
Nugget, Roast, Fajita, Drumstick, Teriaki, Parmesan, and Sandwich
Yellow Cat who keeps the mice at bay.
Iona, the barn dog that guards the rabbits.
Weldon (Bess) and one of the Roos

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